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Beni Kedem Center
100 Quarrier St
(beside Civic Center)
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As always, AMT is working to make our sale the best.  Any changes will be announced in this section.

Please check here frequently to see what's new!




We have added additional opportunities to shop Pre-Sales!  For more info, click HERE 



Updated Consignor Page!  We have made consigning even easier with a updated Consignor Page.  Click HERE



After much consideration, we have decided that we will no longer accept Junior clothing/shoes/accessories.  We have grown to the point that we need the space for items that are in higher demand.



Fundraising?  AMT is a great way to raise money for your organization.  For more information on how, you can email us at amtkids@gmail.com

To Contact us:  amtkids@gmail.com or (304)549-2421

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